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Good Luck and Godspeed

Good Luck and Godspeed – No. 1

Good Luck and Godspeed

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Welcome to Good Luck and Godspeed, a weekly dose of rational optimism.

You’ve probably received the occasional email from me, but this newsletter is different. It represents my desire to provide you, my healthcare leader readers, with something interesting, helpful, and not healthcare-related – this is issue No. 1.

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Apollo 11 is on its way to the moon.

Mission Control: Good luck and Godspeed.
Neil Armstrong: Thank you very much. We know this will be a good flight.

— Check out Scientific American, ‘Good Luck and Godspeed

“Just as the immune system must be exposed to germs, and trees must be exposed to wind, children require exposure to setbacks, failures, shocks, and stumbles in order to develop strength and self-reliance.”

– Jonathan Haidt, The Anxious Generation

Dimensional, my valuable investment partner, recently released a documentary film Tune Out the Noise directed by Academy Award winner Errol Morris. It's an overview of Dimensional's philosophy and development against the tides of the industry.

Tune Out the Noise, Access Code: MARKETSWORK


No, ‘if, ands, or buts’. Just get started.
Action always precedes motivation.

If you don’t need to hear it, share this idea with your kids or grandkids.


I enjoyed listening to Shane Parrish's Christopher Davis interview recently. It's full of valuable life advice, fun Charlie Munger exchanges, and practical takeaways.

One such nugget: Davis, writing insurance letters as a young man working for his grandfather, complained that nobody reads them, so why bother? His grandfather informed him, "We write it for ourselves" to clarify our thinking, not for whoever may or may not be reading them.

Good luck and Godspeed,


P.S. Shohei Ohtani blasted a 464-foot Home Run in Sunday's masterpiece (unless you are a Braves fan...).

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